Booster 1-85 Leveling Guide – Manaview

Booster 1-85 Leveling Guide - ManaviewClick Image To Visit SiteBooster guides you through each quest, one by one. All the information you need is available to you at a quick glance.

Directions and waypoint arrows lead you from quest to quest. You’ll never need to think about what to do next, where to find quests, how to complete them or any of the stuff that used to flood your mind and cripple your leveling speed in the past. Just follow the arrow and before you know it – you’re level 85!

All steps are organized in “circuits” to save enourmous amounts of time. Circuits allow you to complete groups of quests nearby one another before moving on to quests in a different area. ‘Circuit running’ is the key to speed leveling but can be very difficult to do properly without wasting time planning it. With Booster it’s already planned for you.

Booster is an extremely powerful leveling guide. Using it will guarantee an increase in leveling speed.

The steps are generated using Booster technology and are guaranteed to contain the most experience-rich quests in the game. Bad junk quests are removed from the guide completely, so you waste no time on them

Each quest comes with it’s own tips, written by our team. The tips will give you information for completing the step you’re on so you never get confused about what to do. If you run into a difficult quest the tips will provide you with enough information to complete it with ease. is the best resource for finding helpful information. One of the best things about wowhead is the comments (blue posts) written by millions of WoW gamers

You’ll discover interesting new ways to complete quests, helpful instructions on how to locate hard to find quest items, tips and tactics to complete a quest, and all kinds of additional information that you didn’t know before. The power of 10 million minds is put in your hands.

Booster’s Talent Helper shows you exactly where to put your talent points every time you level. You can set it to automatic and let the talent helper spend the points for you or set it to manual.

You’d be surprised how wrong most of the specs found on WoW forums or leveling websites really are. We’ve found that even one talent point in the wrong place can decrease players leveling speeds by days.

We’ve tested every possible leveling spec variation and placed the best ones directly inside your game

Similar to the Talent Helper, we’ve placed the best leveling Glyphs right inside your game for every class. Just open your glyph screen and Booster shows you what glyphs to buy so that you use every advantage possible to propel you to level 85

Our navigation tools make following the questing paths as easy as possible. They will lead you from quest to quest with lightning speed.

All the information you need is placed right on your screen. Just follow the arrow, check out the dots on your map, or follow… Read more…

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