“Who Else Wants to Use Boxing to Lose Up to 10lbs in Just 10 Days?” – How-to-Box.com

"Who Else Wants to Use Boxing to Lose Up to 10lbs in Just 10 Days?" - How-to-Box.comClick Image To Visit SiteIn an insanely short period of time, you will be up to 10lbs of fat lighter and see a vast improvement in how you look. Anyone can follow a training plan and eat what they are told for 10 days – you can too.

I’d plateaued at the weight I was and felt my time in the gym could be spent smarter. This System provides exactly that. The training and meal plans are plainly set out and easily adjusted to the individual. Styles of workout are varied throughout the 10 days and you are always doing something new and challenging and have the support of the online community for motivation or tips on technique.

It’s not an easy program though, prepare to work hard and push yourself past any previous limits, regardless of your level of fitness!

By the end of the 10 days I had lost 3 pounds of body fat and the before and after shots showed an incredible transformation in body shape around the waist and abs. I’m stronger, have better core stability and gained endurance and speed in my workouts.Others have commented on the health of my skin and fresher appearance.

I highly recommend the program for those wanting to kickstart their fitness lifestyle or improve boxing condition and performance. The tools are here. Make the most of them!

You don’t need a lot of money, special equipment, time, or knowledge to start boxing training. In fact, you can do this entire program with no equipment and no experience at all (although a heavy bag makes it a lot more interesting…).

I’m convinced that anyone (and that includes you) can quickly learn to box online and reap the fitness benefits it provides. Once you try it, it might even launch a lifelong interest in the sport that will literally change your life – physically and mentally – I’ve seen it happen many, many times.

Actually, it’s happened over 6817 7116 times so far… (or at least that many people have used How to Box to learn how to box or build a boxer’s physique – I’m guessing a good portion of them are still active in the sport). Get Started on your way to learning these boxing skills and developing a boxer’s body of your own.

How to Box has been running since 2003, and it keeps growing and getting better and better based on user suggestions to teach you what you want to know. It’s gone through three major revisions and this one is the best yet…

I’m writing this page about a month after I tried another extreme fat loss program that is available on the Internet. It claimed to help people shed up to 25lbs in 25 days. I tried it and it nearly killed me. I figured there had to be a saner way especially if this was something people wanted, so I took the knowledge I have about boxing and fitness, came up with this program, tested it on 10 volunteers, achieved outstanding results, and now am releasing it to you.

At the same time, I didn’t want to introduce just another lose fat quick product. There are plenty of them out there. It’s no secret that boxers can manipulate their weight at will. They move down in weight for weigh ins and raise it for fights. That takes a detailed knowledge of nutrition and fitness. The same knowledge that I’ve put into a no-brains required program here on How to Box to help you lose up to 10lbs in 10 days.

Imagine losing up to 10lbs or more in just 10 days. You can literally transform your body.Start training now and those dreams can be your reality.

Consisting of 6 lessons, this course will show you how to use How to Box to achieve what you want to achieve. It is the foundation for success that will ensure you make it through the rest of the program and covers everything from using the features on the site, to goal setting and time management.

The main module of this program, this course starts at the beginning assuming you know absolutely nothing about boxing and takes you to a place where you know enough about boxing to do the workouts as outlined… Read more…