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Home - Lose 13 Pounds In 7 Days Naturally - Health and Fitness Expert reveals how...Click Image To Visit SiteI have been a big boy all my life. I just thought that I had “big bones” and I was just meant to be big. Since I am 6 feet tall people could not tell that I was 320 pounds! But I knew I was heavy and needed to lose weight. By luck, Richard, one of my cousins that I haven’t seen in years, is an expert in helping people lose weight and keep it off. I immediately contacted him and I was blown away by what he told me and how his program worked. My results really still seem like a dream! I lost 71 pounds in 4 months. The crazy part is that he educated me on how my body works (my magic number is 3!) and made sure that I understood everything before I started. To make things even easier he coached me ALL THE WAY on what to do and how to do it.

Never in my life could I have imagined that I would be able to go from 320 pounds to 249 pounds!I feel skinny (yes I know 249 pounds might not be skinny to you but to me it sure is) for the first time in my life. I have more control of how I eat, I NEVER go hungry, have more energy and to believe that I haven’t even started to exercise yet! (I work 15 hours 6 days a week).

My future looks so much healthier and positive now that I learned how my unique body works and what I need to do to keep losing more pounds. Richard, I really want to thank you for coaching me and educating me for all these months. I really appreciate all your help.

You deserve to know the truth about why you have not been able to lose the weight because you have the right to get that jaw-dropping body that you so rightfully have worked so hard for.

Have you been looking at your body in the mirror hoping, wishing and crossing your fingers that can just melt the fat away?

Seriously, if I can hold your hand and show a program that is scientifically proven to help you lose up to 13 pounds in 7 days naturally, you would want me to tell you about it, right?

Yes, I said it! You have been forced to suffer all your life by doing things that range from silly, stupid, dangerous to downright life threatening: starvation, dieting (lemon diet, cabbage diet, south beach diet, Atkins diet, weight watchers, Swedish diet and the list goes on), excessive exercises (P90X, Boot camp, etc) and even fasting!

There has been a lie that has been permeating like a virus dating back to decades that have molded our minds to believe that we need extra things beyond what our body naturally requires to be able to get the body of our dreams.

Erase everything you have ever been told about losing weight and open your mind to the truth that has been kept from you all your life…

Learning The Facts Of The 6,000 Year Old Medical System That Has Been Kept From You All These Years!

Originating on the Indian sub-continent, Ayurveda is thought to be 6,000 years old. At its core, is the principle of Body Typing.

It considers that each person is unique, made up of a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states called “Doshas”. The three Body Types or Doshas are Kapha (water), Pitta (fire), and Vata (air).

More recently, with the work of Dr. Robert Williams, Dr. Elliot Abravanel, and Dr. DicQie Fuller an effort has been made to refine this process to include the endocrine system and a variety of deficiencies to be explained later.

To quote Dr. Robert Williams “If we continue to try to solve the (nutritional) problems on the basis of the average man, we will be continually in a muddle. Such a man (average) does not exist.”

He demonstrated that biochemically we are all individuals. Our “Bio-individuality” dictates the need for different proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Commenting on the various diets that people try today, Gabriel Cousens M.D. (Conscious Eating) states “All of these diets do seem to… Read more…