3 Week Detox and Vitality Diet by Naturopathic Doctor Karlo Mauro

3 Week Detox and Vitality Diet by Naturopathic Doctor Karlo MauroClick Image To Visit SiteIf youd like to get rid of toxins fast and naturally lose up to a pound a day then this may be the most exciting letter youve ever read.

You see, every single day, we’re exposed to toxins in the air… from the carpet… from soaps and shampoos… the chemical cleaners we use… detergents… pesticides on fruits and vegetables… fumes at the petrol station… mercury fillings in your teeth… chlorine and fluoride in the water… the list is practically endless!

Over time, these toxins build up in your body and can wreak havoc on your health and vitality. You may experience little aches and pains – and not know why. You may experience lethargy and sluggishness. You may get sick more often.

After food is chewed, swallowed and leaves the stomach, it’s broken down into its smallest form in the small intestine. These tiny food particles—and any accompanying toxins—are then passed along to the liver, which continues the process of extracting toxic and otherwise useless material and prepares it for excretion.

If it’s not easily sent to the kidneys, then the liver will send it back down the small intestine preparing it for departure.

From there, it either exits your body at the end of your large intestine (AKA colon) or gets reabsorbed and sent back to the liver.

Do you see how messy things can get if your liver, kidneys and intestines aren’t functioning properly?

You’ll notice the word "live" is contained in the word "liver." In fact, at one time in the English language it was called "lifer." The word derives from a Babylonian word which means "that without which life cannot continue."

Your liver is the second largest organ in your body (your skin is the largest), and the hardest working one. Here are just a few things this three pound organ under your right rib cage does for you…

Regulates blood sugar. (If you experience highs and lows, it likely means your liver is having trouble).

Makes certain immune factors and stores vitamins and minerals that support and protect every cell in your body.

Filters hormones and prevents them from congesting your body. (Which may lead to menstrual problems for women).

However, what I focus on in my 3-Week Detox & Vitality Diet plan is one of its major functions… the ability to filter, detoxify and eliminate different toxic substances.

When I mention liver to my patients they are quick to say "I don’t drink a lot of alcohol so my liver should be fine.”

Let me tell you about a great film called Super Size Me. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you see it.

Before the experiment, three doctors determined he was in above average health. At worst they predicted his cholesterol may increase slightly.

Yet, by day 20 of his experiment he gained 25 pounds, suffered depression, sexual dysfunction and liver damage.

In fact, his liver was in such a critical state his doctors advised him to cease the Mickey Dee experiment immediately. They compared the damage of two daily Big Macs and an egg McMuffin to a case of severe binge alcoholism.

A diet loaded with white flour, refined sugars and especially trans-fatty oils can push your liver into a critical state.

Remember, you can live without your gallbladder. You can even live without a colon (though I don’t recommend it). But you can’t live without your live-r.

Fortunately the liver can bounce back, under proper healing conditions. Just remove the aggravating foods/drinks, add some nutritional support and it will start regenerating its damaged self. No other organ can do this! Too bad the heart or brain aren’t so resilient.

I witnessed this "Supersize-Me" effect firsthand a few years ago, when a 17-year old booked an appointment at my clinic. She had a serious problem that is rare amongst teenagers.

Her MD had discovered via blood tests and an ultrasound that she had a fatty liver. This is where your liver gets clogged up with fat. It can lead to cirrhosis (permanent scarring) and even cancer. Conventional medicine recognizes only a few major causes of fatty liver. Two of which are: too much alcohol and the hepatitis viruses.

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