101 Weight Loss Myths

101 Weight Loss MythsClick Image To Visit Site“Health & Fitness Professionals Don’t Want You To Know These Stomach-Turning Untruths…

If you are sick of all the lies, deception and false hopes that the weight loss industry is infested with and want to know what is right, what is wrong and why they are that way so you can finally put an end to this punishing cycle of trying but not getting anywhere, then this is the most important letter you will ever read!

Here is what this is all about: Weight loss is one of those topics, like politics and sports which everyone has their own opinion on based on their experiences, beliefs and what they’ve been told by fitness and health professionals, many of whom are self proclaimed. This diversity in opinion has led to people holding and believing in contradictory things and unlike sports and politics, this diversity should not be tolerated because……..

Misinformation can be deadly. At the very least, it can cause you to spend money on things that are absolutely useless in helping you shed those pounds. At its worst, it can compromise your health.

Either way, unless you get everything sorted, you’ll be no closer to your ideal figure than when you first started. And it’s a common problem for people all around the world.

Most people get so frustrated with being inundated with and buying into all the latest ‘weight loss fads’ that they drown in information overload, and most just quit and get bitter.

Well, get ready for all of that to change for you. I’m talking about finally being able to lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose, with far lesser effort than you’ve put in before. Add in a little ‘determination’ and you’re pretty near unstoppable in your quest.

You probably have had enough of all the psychobabble telling you that you just need to “take action” or “just do it” or other stuff like that.

Thinking positive is a great thing to do, but gosh, how positive can you be when you’re trying so hard and still not seeing results. It can be tough to stay positive without seeing some success, no matter how small.

It’s seldom about motivation – most people have a lot of that and are willing to do just about anything to be able to shed those pounds and to improve their lives.

It’s also not about finding some gimmick that disappears like all fads do sooner or later. Always have, always will.

It’s about knowing exactly what is true, and what is false so that you can finally take the right step towards your ultimate goal and ideal figure.

It’s about having a certain clarity of mind that does not get distracted by untruths, false claims, exaggerations, hype and any of the other stuff that does not help you get closer to being slimmer and healthier.

If you don’t get that, you’ve got nothing. All the fancy ‘lose weight quickly’ products, exercise tools, equipment, programs, DVDs, dietary plans, all the effort…without knowing what is right and what is wrong so that you don’t constantly head in the wrong direction, you’ve wasted your time and money on everything.

If you haven’t been able to lose weight effectively thus far, it’s because you were overwhelmed with all the misinformation thrown at you by people – ‘experts’ telling you left and right about what to do about your diet.

You might be one of those people who aren’t doing what it takes to lose weight, but chances are, you are one of those people who are really trying but aren’t getting anywhere because

“101 Weight Loss Myths“ Your Ultimate Guide To Winning The Battle Against “Bulge & Indulge“

Listen. Unless you get rid of all the clutter you have right now, you’ll find yourself meeting the same kind of resistance over and over again. The kind that have caused far too many people like you and I to give up on their weight loss goals. A real pity, because the truth of the matter is,

In fact, it becomes really easy if you just stick to what really works and unsubscribe from all the wrong… Read more…