The Ten Commandments of Natural Weight Loss. A natural weight loss detoxification program for fast and easy weight loss

The Ten Commandments of Natural Weight Loss. A natural weight loss detoxification program for fast and easy weight lossClick Image To Visit SiteWeight-loss image1

From the desk of Dr. Bryan Schuetz- the nation’s leading doctor in weight loss and detoxification. In my new book The Ten Commandments for Natural Weight Loss, I will teach you the reason losing weight has been a losing battle! Look, most programs fail because they fail to address the 1 true issue of WHY people gain weight. That secret that they don’t want you to know is that processed foods are addictive! Food addictions are the number one reason people gain weight and struggle to lose it. Even the strongest willed people will eventually give in to their food addictions and fail to reach their goals. Every year, giant corporate food companies spend billions on advertising to get you addicted to their unhealthy processed foods. They even go as far as putting addictive ingredients into their products to keep people hooked. Sugar, caffeine, corn syrup- the list goes on. There are now over 10,000 chemicals they can now legal put into your food! After a lifetime of toxic build up in your body, you are physically and emotionally addicted to these chemically produced foods. The only way to beat these addictions is an plan to detoxify your body. If you want to once and for all beat these addictions that have stopped you “dead in your tracks” in the past, you must change the foods you eat! This becomes as easy as can be once you detoxify your body in the correct way. Trying to lose weight by eating less of the food you are currently eating is like telling an alcoholic to drink less and everything will be OK. IT DOESN’T WORK! What makes this plan different is that I give you a real 21 day detoxification program to kick off your weight loss and annihilate your addictions to toxic foods Like a Bazooka through butter! Then I give you an easy plan to continue to your weight loss goal quickly and easily because the addictions and cravings are gone! Here is some of what you will learn in this exciting new book…

This special offer is only going to be available intil the first 500 copies are sold and then the price of the program will more than double to $29.95.

“I am very excited to see this program available to the public! The concepts of natural weight loss through detoxification is at the forefront of the weight loss world and Dr. Bryan is leading the way. I know that the information this book provides will help me in working with my patients who need to detoxify their bodies and lose weight.” Dr. Patrick Snyder

“As a busy professional I needed to find a program that was not going to take a long time to prepare food, require exercising for long periods of time, or starving me to the point I was low on energy. This is the once and for all program for me. I am excited to say that the weight is falling off and I am eating plenty of food, exercising a few days per week and have more energy than I can remember!” Bret Baird Production Services Manager

“After struggling with my weight for years I could not believe how this secret has changed everything! I actually crave healthy foods now and feel like every time I eat I have more energy. Properly detoxifying the body is the best and easiest way I have ever found to reach my goals. The plan Dr. Bryan has put together is pure genius!” Kristen Donelli Nurse

This is easiest and most healthy way you will ever find to reach and maintain your perfect weight. Imagine the way you will feel when you begin to see the results!

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