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Website Flipping Secrets ExposedClick Image To Visit SiteHello weary Internet traveler, voyager through space and time, searcher of the elusive internet money dream. That dream that’s just out of reach; the carrot on a stick too-good-to-be-true dream of working at home in your spare time for cash.

Well, we were weary too. In fact, we even tried all those methods you’ll see out there. The “Post Links For Money” or the “Affiliate Advertising” or “Data Entry” dreams of huge money. In fact we nearly gave up. I’ll be honest with you, I’m glad we didn’t. Because now we’re in paradise.

Let me regale you with a quick story. If you have two minutes I’d recommend you listen, because frankly, what do you have to loose?

Three friends finishing college in Chicago. They don’t know what to do with their lives and don’t know where to start. Living in cold cold Chicago and spending another weary winter lost and broke. They love to travel and hear it calling. All three of us want to make some money, then sell our stuff and leave for a while to “find ourselves.”

We realize the collegiate degrees we’ve been earning aren’t your typical “Accounting” or “Finance” degrees and don’t necessarily send job offers or any money running to our door. So we decide to do some online work because it could potentially allow us to work anywhere in the world. And it has. We’ve revamped our income and changed our lives. We’re living in our own form of paradise now and traveling at our leisure around the world doing as we please, working occasionally on the Internet to check up on things.

How have three once broke and in debt college students been M.I.A. traveling the world for the last year and a half, paid off their student loans and found out the joys of travel and some fun in life? The answer: with the power of the Internet. And leveraging your time, not your money. We’ve used the web to leverage our time and skills to make us location independent and financially free.

Now lets get down to business. I’m going to tell you how we went from spending money on the Internet to making money on the Internet. It’s actually quite simple and a fallacy many don’t quite understand. Product. The large difference in most get rich online plans is that they have no product (and usually not even a service) to sell.

Now products don’t always have to be tangible, and this is an important piece of information to pay attention to, because it allows us the ability to work anywhere in the world. We started to realize that most products promising millions on the Internet weren’t even selling anything tangible. They were just trying to squeeze in a dollar here and there off someone else’s work or web traffic. It didn’t add up.

We needed a product we could sell online and we needed one fast. This is… Read more…

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