Expired Domain Secret

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Domain names are as important to any business as their company name. It provides an instant branding or in some cases, an easy-to-remember domain names that can get you a lot more eyeballs on the internet and online traffic. And traffic for an internet website is truly the asset that can bring you lots of money (Go figure why Google paid billions for YouTube and Microsoft wants to break the bank to buy Yahoo. It’s no coincident that they ranked high in the list of the most visited websites) However, most people would think that good domain names have all been taken up and if you are one of them then you are half-right! Yes, good domain names have been snapped up but guess what… …there is an expiry date to every domain name and if they are not renewed… BINGO!! That’s when the excitement begins! Here are some websites that you can check to see for yourself to see what domain names are expiring and how you can buy or sell such domain names. Go ahead and try it, www.DeletedDomains.com, www.SnapCheck.com, www.AfterNIC.com and www.Recycled-Traffic.com Now, if you are doing this for the first time, you are going to feel like how I did when I visited those sites the first time.. …intrigued by the sheer numbers of expired domains but then totally and utterly confused! And even if you are smart enough to figure out the terms used, you are soon going to realize that not all expired domain names are well, "expired" equal! More about that later….
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