Video Marketing Devastation – Discover Video Marketing Strategies That Get #1 Position in Google

Video Marketing Devastation - Discover Video Marketing Strategies That Get #1 Position in GoogleClick Image To Visit SiteFlood your site with FREE targeted traffic… Revealed: The Secret Technique I Use to Get Front Page Placement in Google Within 24 Hours, Without Backlinks, SEO, Technical Expertise or Spending a Single Dime – & I’ll Prove It To You

If you have been engaged in any form of internet marketing you will realize that the only way you are going to make any money online is if you drive targeted traffic to your website, on a consistent basis. When I launched my first major website, I didn’t have any budget for a major Google Adwords campaign or to pay for placing targeted banner ads on related sites. I used to get so frustrated that I had such a wonderful product that I knew my target audience would buy in their droves, if only they knew it existed.

I eventually decided to engage in the pain staking process of Search Engine Optimization. This involves such tactics as the strategic placement of keywords, title tags, URL optimization, Latent semantic indexing, building backlinks and so much more. Even if you perform these strategies perfectly you could have to wait up to 6 months to see the results of you labor. What’s worse is that Google could change its algorithm at any time, making your efforts a complete waste of time. Whats more I’m sure at this stage you realize that building back links is a painstaking process. You have to write hundreds of articles, place links on blogs, spend hours in forums answering questions, engage in link exchanges, social bookmark everything you do and so much more. Well to put it mildly I decided I had enough. I didn’t have the money to pay for advertising and I didn’t have the time to do all the link building, so i set out to find an internet marketing strategy that would help me to dominate the front page of Google within 24 hours and cost me absolutely nothing.

I realized that getting organic placement in the search engines is the holy grail of internet marketing because you will receive highly targeted traffic that will generate a tsunami of sales that just keep on flowing.

I also realized that internet marketing was meant to provide true passive income, so I wanted a ‘set and forget’ money making machine, without having to ‘sell my soul’ and spend all my time marketing my business.

Having tried hundreds of internet marketing strategies, and mixing and matching different variations of these techniques, I discovered a devastating formula that led to complete domination of Google.

What’s more this ‘formula’ is 100% legal, and Google actually will be delighted you are engaged in using it.

I have used this formula for all my websites and it works in every niche regardless of the competition. I have leap frogged authority sites that are years in the niche with thousands of backlinks, in as little as 24 hours.

Consider the following #1 search engine positon for the keyword phrase ‘kitesurfing accidents’. I had 60,100 web pages competing with me, and… Read more…

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