Videos. Upload Your Video To 40+ Video Sharing Sites And 30+ Social Bookmarking Sites.

Videos. Upload Your Video To 40+ Video Sharing Sites And 30+ Social Bookmarking Sites.Click Image To Visit SiteThere’s a different type of content popping-up like wildfire on the Google results… replacing old rankings for even the most competitive terms.

The top listings for this ultra-competitive term are all videos. They’re listed on free submission sites like YouTube and

According to a recent interview with Google’s VP of Search Products & User Experience 1 in 4 searches now show so-called "Universal" listings, which include videos.

And here’s where it gets good for you: Google’s demand for video has skyrocketed. Publishers aren’t keeping-up.

This means to capture Google rankings there are FAR fewer videos you’re up against than text web pages.

For instance, there are an astonishing 671 MILLION pages on Google with the ultra-competitive term "Marketing" in them. Normally, getting a top ranking for this term is virtually impossible.

That is, unless you go after positions reserved for videos — where you’re up against a more achievable number of around 135,000 videos.

When the user then gets to your videos, you then link back to your website…and rake-in the FREE high-quality Google traffic otherwise out of your reach.

This process can take 10-20 minutes. Just a couple dozen submission sites takes away 6 hours from your day. And, fact is, you’ve got other pressing tasks on your plate.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can unleash maximum profits from your videos with less time, energy, and effort.

1. vidilife 2. vloggs 3. iviewtube 4. mojoflix 5. ragtube 6. clipser 7. bofunk 8. axishow 9. myspace 10. megavideo 11. videosift 12. 13. buzznet

28. clipjunkie 29. smartvideochannel 30. tagworld 31. 32. wonderhowto 33. flicklife 34. 35. mixx 36. buddymarks 37. spike 38. gather 39. youtube 40. kiwivid

If you’re just submitting to YouTube, you’re missing-out on a fortune. It has the most traffic, but there are sites Google likes to rank much better.

But, what happens when you submit to 40+ Video submission sites and 30+ Social Bookmarking sites? You have a far better shot of not just claiming 1 top ranking… but, you can potentially capture multiple top rankings for the same keyword!

Simply put, instead of wasting your entire day submitting to only a dozen sites — you get submitted to over 40 video sites and over 30 social bookmarking sites at lightning fast speed.

And if this time savings wasn’t enough, the software also auto creates your Video Submission & Social Bookmarking accounts and auto confirms them.

All this means is you now have a choice. You can continue on your current path…Where you miss-out on easy rankings and lose a fortune as a result. And, the competition happily takes your place.

OR… you can unleash the full power videos with Instant Video Uploader. You stay on top of the changing landscape with ease…and leave the competition in your dust.

You now own a shortcut secret weapon to claim prized money-making search positions within hours. You own the rankings.

Sure, you can try to find somebody to submit your videos manually. But, that’s going to easily cost you $20.00 for just 1 video submission. 10 videos sets you back $200.00. 50 submitted over a year costs you $1,000.00.

On top of this, you have… Read more…

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