Video Creation Mastery – Your Guide To Video Marketing

Video Creation Mastery - Your Guide To Video MarketingClick Image To Visit SiteVideo Length 17:43 One of the best ways to create a sales video is by using screen capture and powerpoint slides. Get it right and it can really enhance your sales get it wrong and it looks bad. In this video i’ve showed you how i’ve created several sales videos and how best to record […]

If you watch any news program or TV discussion program you’ll notice that the camera angle switches on a regular basis , this is done to keep people interested. The constant changes keeps you subconsious from wandering . In this video I Look at how this can be done with just 1 camera. I’ve also […]

Running Time 8:45 In this video I look at the basic process for editing in Windows Movie Maker, this free software can really help you to produce good quality videos. Over the following few videos we’ll look at the process in depth. If you have any questions or video requests please use the comments section […]

Running time : 14.11 There was a request via the comments of another video for some more editing videos, so in this video I edited a video in both movie maker and camtasia and aimed to get a similar result using both. For most of what you need tools like movie maker will be more […]

In this video I use Videobot and Tubemogul to upload videos to a number of different video sites. I also discuss if i think you need these tools or not..(probably not!) It is probably just as easy and effective to focus on the 5 main video sites and upload manually over the space of a […]

Running Time 8:32 Getting YouTube views and subscriptions helps to rank your videos highly in YouTube getting more views and subscribers in turn. there are several ways to do this , in this video I look at 2 you should consider and 1 I think you should avoid. Please ignore the title this is video […]

Running Time 7:32 You tube will quite happily display video in 1280 x720 HD but it needs to be uploaded in the original file size to get the options to appear. In this Video I look at how to get full HD in you tube plus ways of distributing your videos around the Internet. Please […]

Running Time 5:34 A short video for you today about how to set up your videos on youtube and one way of using your site to drive traffic from the video to the Amazon site of your choice. On Monday i’ll look at the easiest way to get visitors and subscribers and I’ll hopefully have […]

Running Time 14:29 This is an example review video. I’ve used lots of clips and edited them together to show positives and negatives. The next step will be to set up the site and upload the videos to Youtube. Once on You tube I’ll also show you how to link directly to amazon using a […]

I was sent this link today, It’s the finest use of you tube I’ve seen yet , very clever and intuitive… Read more…

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