Introducing PC Satellite TV Technology

For the last couple of years there have been various services emerging that claim to offer up the ability to view TV programs directly on your PC for a fraction of the cost (if anything at all!). Initially, many disregarded this technology as being nothing more than a scam – and in fact, there were numerous accusations hurled around to that effect.

Still, PC Satellite TV has persevered and today a lot of the former naysayers are being forced to re-examine their opinions.

Frankly, 7 years or so ago when most people were still on dial up or other slower internet connections it seemed as if the idea of streaming video directly through the internet was not even remotely possible. Nowadays however broadband is so widespread that practically everyone is using it and streaming video has become a reality through various services such as YouTube.

Even as far back as 7 years ago, PC satellite TV was hardly a scam. In fact, it was a reality even back then though admittedly the quality was slightly suspect and those on slower internet connections would constantly face choppy video. Today however it is possible to stream HD content with the current internet speeds, and this sort of content is accessible to many more people now!

All things said and done, PC satellite TV technology can work in various ways. Some content is streamed live over the internet, while others consist of prerecorded content that is then streamed on demand (in somewhat the same way that YouTube works). Whatever goes on behind the scenes, the end result is similar – you can now watch TV on your PC.

Most of the PC satellite TV services that are around nowadays charge a minimal one-time fee. Generally, this fee is comparable to the monthly payments for cable TV, only instead of paying constantly you’ll be off the hook after a single payment. Naturally, this makes it a lot cheaper in the long run than cable TV.

Needless to say, there are several services that are free, though some of them come with pop-up advertisements and so on.

With PC satellite TV services now offering thousands and thousands of channels from across the globe, it seems only a matter of time until their popularity starts to grow even further. For now, the convenience of satellite TV and cable TV still remains – but it is not hard to imagine PC satellite TV knocking both off their perch in the not-so-far-off future.