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Everyone who has ever owned a computer is bound to notice that with time it eventually starts to slow down. Some people figure that there’s nothing they can do about this – but that really is not true!

More often than not, the root cause of a computer slowing down with age is that there is a large amount of junk in its registry, and a ton of errors cropping up due to other elements too.

And that is a problem that can be addressed.

Unfortunately, there are so many registry cleaners out there on the market nowadays – and most of them really do look very similar. To help you tell the difference though, we’ve gone over each of the top three so that you can see which one will help you the most!

Registry Easy Cleaner

First on our list is the Registry Easy Cleaner that does exactly what you’d expect of it, and cleans your registry, as well as other temporary and junk files that may be lying around and cluttering your hard disk and memory!

Apart from the usual however, there are several features that make this particular registry cleaner stand out from its rivals, including:

  • Tweaking the memory of your PC to free up more memory and make your PC run faster

  • Backing up your registry, favorites, folders, and even creating a restore point just in case anything goes wrong
  • A specific Internet Explorer Manager that will help manage objects in IE as well as allow you to repair it or restore it to its original settings
  • File recovery tool that will allow you to locate deleted files and recover them if needed
  • File splitter and joiner that breaks up large files into smaller files that can be combined later on as and when you please
  • Passwords made easy with the password manager that will find out all your passwords based on your browser history and other saved temporary files

As you can see, the benefits of this tool are many, and it clearly is a class above. What’s more, there’s a free trial version that you can download, just to see for yourself what you could be getting.

Click Here To Visit Registry Easy Cleaner

Error Fix Cleaner

Once again, the Error Fix Cleaner is a registry cleaner that scans and fixes any errors that it might come across – which is probably what you expected.

If you’re wondering how this differs from the other registry cleaners – the truth is that on a very basic level they both perform the same function. In fact, even their ‘unique’ features share a lot of similarities, but there are several differences too!

Here’s a peek of what you’ll be getting hold of with the Error Fix Cleaner:

  • A specific system optimizer and internet optimizer, each designed to help boost the performance of those two key areas of your PC
  • Ability to check for specific error messages that pop up and fix most of them with just a simple click of the button
  • Handling for Active-X objects that includes removing malicious Active-X controls and protecting your system, as well as re-registering Active-X objects that
  • Validation of startup programs to prevent your PC from booting up unwanted programs that may even be dangerous!

As you can see, this particular scan has a few specific details that are different. The core similarities remain however, and you can fully expect the Error Fix Cleaner to locate all registry based issues (as well as other errors) and deal with them accordingly.

Go ahead and try out the free trial version that is available for this registry cleaner too!

Click Here To Visit Error Fix Cleaner

Registry Fix Cleaner

By now, you should have gathered that there are a number of options that you can choose from to scan and fix your registry (as well as numerous other issues that crop up from time to time in PCs).

The Registry Fix Cleaner is yet another one of the best options out there, and it has the weight of popularity to prove it.

All in all, you’ll find yourself able to:

  • Locate missing file associations and fix them so that your system doesn’t slow down by ‘searching’ for files that aren’t there
  • Identify invalid device drivers and application paths that could be the cause of various issues
  • Back up your entire registry (as well as other important files/folders) just in case you ever need to restore it
  • Fully control all your programs (both in the start up menu, and others) from a single Program Manager

Once again, there is a free trial version of this tool available, and so you can ‘test drive’ it to see whether or not it suits your requirements.

Click Here To Visit Registry Fix Cleaner


When you boil things down, you’re going to find that the similarities between all these three utilities really does mean that having one is almost as good as having any of the others.

As such, you should give serious consideration to actually trying them out and seeing which one you find easiest to use

That will definitely help you to decide on one, once and for all!

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