Quitting Smoking – Double Your Chances of Quitting Smoking Right Now with the famous Crave Replace System

Quitting Smoking - Double Your Chances of Quitting Smoking Right Now with the famous Crave Replace SystemClick Image To Visit SiteFind out why so many people have quit smoking using our program. Find out why so many people have been successful.

From: Andrew Hartman Date: June 7th, 2011 Dear Soon to be Ex-Smoker My name is Andrew Hartman and trust me when I tell you that I know EXACTLY how you feel. I honestly know just how agonizing it can be to want to quit the nasty, addictive, disgustingly unattractive and not to mention dangerous habit that is smoking. If you continue to smoke, there is only one outcome – you WILL die from a very painful death. Have you ever witnessed someone having a heart attack or dying from cancer? Do you want to put you and your family through that? Here’s YOUR problem. You flat out lack the will power to quit on your own. What if there was the perfect solution that could get you to quit smoking forever? What if this solution was backed by a 100% guarantee? What if this solution could get you to quit smoking forever – permanently, with minimal effort in literally just 16 minutes and 33 seconds per day while you lie in your bed? Just think how good it will feel when you’re no longer addicted to cigarettes. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel NORMAL again? Well the Crave Replace System can literally show you how to take full control of your cravings and reprogram your brain to totally numb the urge to smoke.
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Quit Smoking Book

Quit Smoking BookClick Image To Visit SiteSave thousands per year to put your kids through college, pay off debt or go on a round the world trip?

Improve your health so you can be around to see your kids and grandkids grow up – and have the energy and vitality to enjoy your time with them?
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Do You Think That You Need to Smoke?

Many smokers continue to smoke simply because they feel that they need to. The general feeling is that if they were to stop smoking they’d end up feeling more down, less happy, more stressed out, and so on. While it is true that smoking releases dopamine that causes a mild euphoria and helps you to relax – the question that you should really be asking yourself is whether or not you need smoking in order to be able to feel happy and relax!

All around you on a daily basis you’re going to find non-smokers. Do these people seem like they’re enjoying life any less than you are? Do they seem to be enjoying themselves less because they aren’t smoking? Do they seem more stressed out? What you should see is that all those people around you who don’t smoke are exactly like you are – and they go through the exact same things that you do, with the only difference being that they don’t immerse themselves in clouds and clouds of smoke!

This should tell you one thing in particular, and that is that while you may very well have grown dependent on cigarettes, the truth is that you don’t need it at all. It might seem like you do now, and initially when you quit you’re undoubtedly going to want to go back to the same old habits that you’d developed over time – but there really is no need to do so. If you had never started smoking in the first place, you’d be just as happy, sad, or stressed out as you are right now.

From the start of your life, right up to the point where you did start smoking, you managed to cope well without cigarettes. What makes you think that you need to smoke otherwise you would not be able to cope from this point on? When exactly did you start feeling that way? Chances are, you probably don’t even remember the exact point when you became dependent on smoking – but that really doesn’t matter.

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people who actually have smoked in the past, and now live completely smoke-free lives. They have found that they don’t need to smoke in other to be happy and relax – so what makes you any different? The truth is, you are exactly where these people were at some point or other, and the fact that they’ve managed to kick the habit completely should show you that it certainly is possible, and that smoking definitely isn’t something that you ‘need’ by any means.

All things said and done, smoking is a habit that is dangerous – and it will probably end up killing you if you don’t quit at some point or other. Now that you know that there’s really no justification for thinking that you ‘need’ to smoke, it is up to you to take the next step, and firmly decide to kick your unwanted habit!

Quit Smoking Magic – Quit Smoking in Less than 7 Days

Quit Smoking Magic - Quit Smoking in Less than 7 DaysClick Image To Visit SiteAre YOU dealing with a smoking addiction that is consuming your life? You are not alone so don’t give up hope until…

You honestly believe that you’ve finally found the cure! Unfortunately after all the hype, effort, and MONEY spent, you end up the same position as always in which you lose yet another morsel of “Hope” eventually resulting in YOU giving up on trying to quit altogether.”
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New: Quit Smoking in 1 Hour Without Cravings or Relapse.

New: Quit Smoking in 1 Hour Without Cravings or Relapse.Click Image To Visit SiteI’ll explain why it’s not only possible (in fact virtually certain) in a minute, but first…

You know those strong cravings you’ve had in the past when you tried to quit smoking? Like most people, you probably thought they were physical chemical cravings.
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Is Going Cold Turkey an Effective Way to Quit smoking?

Have you ever tried to go cold turkey in the past? At some point or other, smokers who have tried to quit generally try this method – but most of them don’t really make it past the very first hurdle. That has led to a lot of people questioning whether or not going cold turkey is really all that effective at all, and has also led to many people preferring to just ‘cut down slowly’ rather than stop all at once!

Here’s the truth: Going cold turkey is by far the most effective way to quit smoking.

Unfortunately, despite the being the case it is also not easy to pull it off – as is evidenced by the many people who have tried and failed. Still, you’ll find that going cold turkey is going to give you a far better chance at actually kicking your smoking habit completely, and it is certainly going to give you a much better chance than if you were to cut down gradually.

Frankly speaking, the main hurdle that there is to quitting smoking has got to be the cravings. These cravings are a result of nicotine, and the fact that your body wants you to keep its nicotine content at a certain level since you’ve practically trained yourself to do so by smoking regularly. If you were to consciously cut down on your smoking, you’d be reducing the level of nicotine that your body is used to having – and this may seem like a good thing. But the fact of the matter is that you’re still going to have cravings, and if you aren’t careful those cravings will become stronger in time!

On the other hand, going cold turkey will mean that you literally have to rely on your determination and willpower to get you through the cravings, but once your body has rid itself of all nicotine – you should have no further cravings. If you do, it is more going to be because of the habit rather than actual nicotine cravings, and while breaking a habit isn’t easy – it is a lot easier than fighting cravings. Sadly, the reason why going cold turkey often doesn’t work is because powering through those initial cravings is tough, and many people ‘give in’ and have ‘one last cigarette’ here and there.

This is not what going cold turkey is all about, and if you fall into that trap then you’re bound to fail!

All things said and done, going cold turkey is without a doubt an effective way to quit smoking. However, different people find that they respond differently to different methods, and that is why it might not be exactly the right solution for you. If you happen to be highly motivated, and totally determined to kick smoking – go cold turkey. If not, it might be best to try some other alternative.

Stop Smoking Formula

Stop Smoking FormulaClick Image To Visit SiteIf you are a smoker, or someone you care about still smokes, then this is going be the most important Guide you will ever read, drop everything and read every word on this page… the next few minutes could change your life completely…

First, I inform you that this method described below isn’t in any case subliminal. You smoke or you know some one who smokes. How to be able to stop? We should know that the smoker who must decide for itself to stop or not, he is the only person who should take the decision. A friend can only help.
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Can the Damage From Smoking Be Healed?

Many people who want to quit smoking after starting to feel the ill effects that comes as part and parcel of it often ask themselves whether or not their body will ever be able to heal itself. This question is really one that is very complicated, and in order to answer it you first need to be able to determine for yourself exactly how much damage you’ve caused to your body in the first place!

Depending on how much you’ve smoked, and for how long you’ve smoked, you’ll find that you could have damaged your body in various ways. For example, someone who smoked 10 cigarettes a day for about a year before quitting will find that the damage to their body is a lot less severe than someone who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for about ten years! This is really just common sense.

The amount of damage that you’ve done to your body is going to determine exactly how long it will take to heal. Most of the damage from smoking is reversible to a degree, however other factors come into play in determining how long the damage will take to heal, including your general health, diet, age, and so on. In short – it will vary from person to person.

On top of that, there are certain types of damage from smoking that are permanent. The most common among these is definitely lung damage. If you’ve smoked too often and for far too long you’re going to find that certain parts of your lungs end up being permanently damaged, and once that happens there is really no going back. Permanent lung damage is a very severe problem, and if you’ve permanently damaged your lungs then you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.

For the most part however, you’re going to find that you notice a marked improvement in your health after just weeks of quitting smoking. That doesn’t mean that the damage caused by smoking is completely healed, but it just means that the process has begun. It may take up to ten years before the damage is completely gone and your lungs are back to their pre-smoking healthy state.

Now that you know this, you should start to see that it is imperative that you quit smoking as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll avoid any permanent damage, and have a better chance of your body healing itself a lot faster!

The PermaQuit Method – How To Stop Smoking Once & For All

The PermaQuit Method - How To Stop Smoking Once & For AllClick Image To Visit SiteYou’re probably reading this because you’re worried about your health and realize you need to quit smoking. Or perhaps cigarettes are becoming too expensive, and you can’t afford to keep buying them anymore.

But I’m also guessing that you’ve probably tried to quit more than once – maybe trying different methods – but something keeps dragging you back to them…
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FreshStartMethod – Stop Smoking in One Hour, Guaranteed

FreshStartMethod - Stop Smoking in One Hour, GuaranteedClick Image To Visit SiteHow can it take just 1 hour to stop your smoking, forever – no matter how long you’ve been smoking? The solution is an expertly designed online booklet and audio file you get right here – plus some simple breathing exercises you do for a few days.

The FreshStart™ method takes no will power or heroics. That’s because you will enjoy a gentle hypnotic state – where you’re fully awake and in control – to remove your cravings and turn you into a non smoker…forever.
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