Quit Smoking Book

Quit Smoking BookClick Image To Visit SiteSave thousands per year to put your kids through college, pay off debt or go on a round the world trip?

Improve your health so you can be around to see your kids and grandkids grow up – and have the energy and vitality to enjoy your time with them?

A world of clean air, more money to spend, and the healthy lifestyle you’ve been aiming for this whole time.

I’d always heard that it was difficult to quit, and I wanted to get fit so I thought I’d finally give it a shot.

I lasted a few hours. Lit up another smoke. It was easy, too easy. Ok, I thought, let’s get serious. –

But I didn’t take it seriously. I just continued with my day to day life. Just without cigarettes. I lasted 2 days. Still hooked…

Boy, I tried everything Nicotine Patches, Hypnosis…and every time I was smoking again in less than a week. I figured I’d blown it.

So I sat back and looked at why I smoked. I looked at how, when and where I smoked. I figured I really wanted to quit and tried everything, so I may as well give it another shot…

So I told a few people my techniques…simple and free ways to quit smoking forever. And they quit too!…

After a few week of watching my bank account grow it was almost like an extra income, I decided to set some financial goals too. With what I saved in a month I paid for a scuba diving course and learnt to Scuba dive. After a year I went on a round the world trip.

So I began analysing my strategies. I asked a few friends studying post grad psychology to see why my techniques are so effective at beating this addiction. They told me about the psychology of addiction, and how my simple home spun ideas gave both short and long term cures for the addicton, both psychological and physical…

I found that most smokers attempting to quit are making huge mistakes…errors that drastically reduce their chance of success.

If you’re using most strategies to quit, chances are you’re still smoking. And spending lots of money on the *cure* and staying addicted both physically and psychologically And this suits the companies selling patches, gums, cigarettes and courses just fine.

And that’s what got me thinking – seeing all those guys wasting money while I quit, get healthy and save a ton of money made me realise something:

The training wheels come off, and suddenly your new "addiction" sucks money out of your wallet like an industrial vacuum cleaner.

And man, that hurts. You’ll probably smoke even more to maintain your nicotine levels! And this only deals with the physical addiction

Really, when you think about it, everyone learning from gurus or pharmaceutical companies is the main problem.

All these products make such a big deal out of the physical addiction to nicotine, you’d think that’s all there is… Read more…