Amazing News Just In About A New Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tool… Clickbank Elite

Amazing News Just In About A New Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tool... Clickbank Elite

“Affiliate Marketer Gets Fed Up Wasting Time And Energy Searching Clickbank For HOT Products And Decides To Do It The Easy Way!”


Dear Clickbank Affiliate Marketer,

If you’ve been struggling to find HOT products on Clickbank to promote and build your internet business and are becoming frustrated with the time it takes to find those products, then read on…

I’ve been selling online for 10 years. Most of what I sold were my own products. Three years ago I fired my boss to go it alone in the big, bad world of internet marketing.

I followed the rule of finding multiple streams of income so that if one stream dried up, I wouldn’t be left high and dry. But it’s been a hard slog getting the money in the bank. I’m not complaining though. I’d don’t have a boss I’d happily kill. I don’t spend two or three hours commuting to and from the office every day and I don’t have to deal with office politics and all the usual corporate B.S.


Now this year, things have changed. I knew about Clickbank but never saw it as a potential income stream (how dumb is that!?). I wasn’t thinking as an affiliate marketer but as a seller of my own products.

The release of some exceptional products in the last few months opened my eyes to a river of money that was flowing right by me, one I was completely missing out on.

All I had to do was find great products on Clickbank and market them.


Eh, no.

I’ve mastered the intricacies of Google Adwords, so marketing this way wasn’t a problem.

But finding HOT products on Clickbank was.

Sure, I’d poke around in some of the categories and find something that looked interesting only to find it wasn’t that hot a product after all.

But what was starting to get right up my nose was just how long it took to find the really GREAT products. Time I should have been spending on other aspects of my business.

So I took a step back and thought about it.

I write software for a living (well, part of a living). I’ve been doing it for more years that I care to remember. So I figured the best thing to do would be to write something that made things easy for me.

It would cost me time to write and test the software but it would save me tons of time down the road when I was using it to research products.

And the fruits of that labor is now here: Clickbank Elite……………….more

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