LeoandPaul.comHow would you like a 3 week, step-by-step video program that takes you through the process of setting up your online business from start to finish in manageable bite-size chunks?

Each day of our Build Your Own Business in 21 Days program comes complete with simple action steps so that you can concentrate on taking that next step forward.

You can consider this program like laying the foundations of your house. By the end of this three week program, you’ll have everything in place and, arguably more importantly, an overwhelming feeling of certainty that you are exactly on the right path for success…

So we’ve made a program that gives you everything you need to make money online in less than an hour so you can earn while you learn.

In less than 60 minutes, you’ll have a web site, a 120 page e-book giveaway branded with your own details, an autoresponder loaded with a year’s worth of content and a full 52 part video training series complete with your affiliate link.

The important thing is that you’ll not only earn recurring commission, but you’ll also be building your most important asset – your list!

Having the rights to this material by itself is worth the price of the membership. We have spent three months putting this content together and you can have it up and running 60 minutes from now.

And, yes, you guessed it…they just didn’t know HOW to create an online business – they had so many questions they needed answered to before progressing.

"How do I create video screen-cast?", "How do I take payments on my site?", "How do survey my list?", "How do I create an affiliate program?"…and so on…

If so, then as a member of our site you’ll be able to take advantage of our special supplier discounts of up to 20% off the usual price.

The Shape your Destiny program is designed to create an abundant mindset that is so vital to your success…

It’s a hugely powerful program that shows you exactly how to mould your thought patterns for success.

There’s nothing better than learning something in "real-time" – follow along and ask us questions "live" along the way.

We have chosen high quality, high speed servers on which you can host unlimited web sites for free for as long as you are a member at this site.

We have also built a dedicated support help desk should you require any assistance or encounter any problems.

Our forum is the central focus of the site – collaboration in internet marketing makes absolute sense.

Whether it’s helping each other overcome challenges or forming mutually beneficial long term joint ventures…

At LeoandPaul.com, you’ll find a passionate group of like-minded individuals driven to succeed interacting in a mastermind fashion.

An online busines is all about traffic and conversion, which is why we are constantly adding new traffic training courses to our already comprehensive collection.

You’ll learn both free and paid methods of traffic generation…you’ll become a traffic… Read more…

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