covertLinks Affiliate Link Cloaker – Affiliate Protection against Parasite Software

covertLinks Affiliate Link Cloaker - Affiliate Protection against Parasite SoftwarecovertLinks provides the most Advanced Affiliate Link Cloaking System available today. Providing the Affiliate Marketer with maximum protection against Link Hijackers, Link Bypassers, and most importantly, Parasite Software – (Otherwise known as Spyware, Adware or Malware).

Providing the most up-to-date Link Cloaking technologies for today’s demanding Affiliate Marketer, covertLinks is compatible with most Affiliate Programs and all of the current Major Web Browsers used by today’s web surfers.

Instant Download after Purchase. Click on the "Return to Merchant" link after Payment is complete. Download is provided in ZIP format and contains two EXE Software files, (the HTML and PHP versions), and HTML Instructions. Mac Users will be provided an Online Version.

"Hi Perry, I’m SO excited, I just got my FIRST affiliate sale! After about 2 weeks of not making any sales, I decided to purchase your covertLinks program. In less than 24HRS, I had my VERY FIRST sale! Your program works (I know you already know that) and it has already paid for itself! Thanks a BUNCH!!! Have a GREAT day!" Doug Hall

"I always heard about these so called parasite softwares created by unethical coders. I never thought that there would be a script that can stop those rotten thieves. Thanks to Perry, I now have rock SOLID affiliate links that not only look stunning, but they are the best damn cloaked links you can find. I own ALL of the other cloakers and I’m willing to prove it.

covertLinks is hands down the ultimate link cloaker…period. Take it from a guy that knows affiliate marketing."

Most Affiliate Link Cloakers found online were designed years ago, and we all know the Internet has grown in leaps and bounds in just the last few years. covertLinks takes this into account and uses only the latest technology to work no matter which Major Web Browser your visitor is using. Also, as a purchaser of covertLinks, your Affiliate link cloaking will always remain up-to-date because you’ll receive free upgrades for life. If we find a new threat and incorporate protection for it in covertLinks, you’ll receive this additional protection for free!

Most Affiliate Marketers don’t seem to know that Parasite Software hits after your visitor has landed at the Merchant’s Web Site and they only use simple redirects to cloak and protect their Affiliate Links. Since the Parasite Software waits until after the visitor has arrived at the Merchant’s Site, this render’s the Affiliate Marketer’s redirect completely useless for protection.

What this means is, even if you’ve made every effort to get your visitors to click through your Affiliate Links and land at the Merchant’s site, you are very likely to still lose up to 80% of your commissions to somebody else due to Parasite Software!

covertLinks hides, or cloaks, the Merchant’s site on your domain/web site. This keeps any Parasite Software from knowing that a product it’s affiliated with is being shown to the web surfer, keeping your hard earned Commission in your pocket.

covertLinks is available in both an… Read more…

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