CB Affiliate Revenue – Become a Clickbank Super Affiliate

CB Affiliate Revenue - Become a Clickbank Super AffiliateFinding profitable products among the more than 22000 products in Clickbank’s product database isn’t an easy task. Many marketers just give up and move on and those who decides to take on Clickbank’s marketplace search engine will soon see that it is quirky and very limited (making it hard to profit from it).

Using not only the correct tool, but the best tool for the task will make things so much easier. You’ll end up working less and profiting more!

CB Affiliate Revenue is a proven product used by many hundreds of affiliate marketers and the number of users around the world is increasing almost on a daily base.

You’ll be creating your own queries (selections) in minutes from starting the program, and you can even save a selection for future use, saving you time the next time!

CB Affiliate Revenue is a fast raising star on the Clickbank Super Affiliate heaven. Find the Best Products to promote in minutes and not hours!

Now it is time to join all other marketers that enjoy the pleasure of receiving a check from Clickbank twice per month, like clockworks. Just imagine what that would do to your monthly income.

It’s not often I find a product that just plain over-delivers. CB Affiliate Revenue is one such powerful software! One feature I am particularly thrilled with is the advanced queries mode. It is an excellent feature that I use with all of my major keywords. In one easy step I am able to find the hottest niche products long before my competitors even get their first cup of coffee. Please keep me on your active subscriber list so I won’t miss the latest updates, squeeze pages or super bonuses you offer. Kenth, the things that you have made available here just completely blow me away. Tom Ziegler www.Information-Valley.com

Download, install (with the standard installation kit, All you need to know is how to “click next”!), insert your clickbank affiliate id and finally click the button to download clickbanks latest marketplace data and you’re set to go!

Some product owners use clickbank to sell their products but they do not give you any information on how to create the hoplinks. That’s not a problem with CB Affiliate Revenue as you’ll always have the correctly formatted hoplink with your affiliate id in it, sitting there waiting for you to use!

CBaffiliaterevenue will help you search for, access and create the affiliate links for all clickbanks products, directly on your computer!

The program even creates your special sales url automatically as you move along through the database.

It’s always nice to see the site where the product is being sold. A lot of products are being sold from absolutely hideous sales pages so you taking a look before promoting the product can save you a lot of money in lost sales (or help you decide if you want to go for a pre sell first).

With CBar all you have to do to check out… Read more…

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