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Eclipse Link CloakerNote : While the plugin works great for normal links, it does not cloak Flash ads, links created by JavaScript, and IFrames. This means that, for example, it can’t be used to cloak Google AdSense ads.

For optimal results, your site should also have the so-called “pretty permalinks” set up. The plugin works just as well with the default permalink configuration, but the cloaked link URLs look a bit better if you have mod_rewrite and custom permalinks.
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Disadvantages of Trying to Use Free Link Cloakers for Affiliate Links

Tempting as it may be, the fact of the matter is that free link cloakers tend to come hand in hand with several disadvantages. Although these cloakers have certainly grown in popularity by leaps and bounds, they still are lacking in terms of certain features and more often than not the disadvantages that they contain could actually mean that you’re going to end up worse off should you use them. So despite the fact that there are free link cloakers out there, you should thread with care unless you want to end up falling victim to the downsides they possess.

One of the biggest disadvantages of free link cloakers is their popularity. Nowadays, everyone wants to cloak their links, and although a fair number of people want to do so for legitimate reasons, there are still quite a lot of people who wish to cloak their links for other, less savory, reasons. Some of these links would contain things such as adult websites, negative links, or even links to malicious websites. All things said and done, this has served to give many free link cloakers a bad name, and ruined their reputation.

Also, it is the reason why many free link cloakers actually end up getting shut down after a short span of time.

Yet another downside of free link cloakers lies in the fact that the links you obtain very often turn out to be far from permanent. Thus, if you intend to rely on these links, you’re going to find that from time to time you need to update them so that they don’t end up simply dying on you one fine day. Worse – if your links actually do end up dying on you, you may never actually find out about it until much later!

All things said and done, free affiliate link cloakers really do carry a hefty price. Sure, they might cost you absolutely nothing to use, but you’re going to end up paying one way or another when they actually collapse and take all your links with them. Frankly, the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not it is really worth risking the loss in sales in order to save a few dollars by using a free affiliate link cloaker.

More importantly, you should also ask yourself how much you trust the person running the cloaker, and whether or not there is a chance that they will actually alter your links to serve their own affiliate id! In all seriousness, this is a situation that many marketers have found themselves victim of in the past!

Remember this: Nothing is really free. Despite the fact that free link cloakers may seem to be attractive, they do have an ugly side and now that you know about it, you should know well enough to steer clear of them as far as possible. Of course, not all of them may end up suffering from these disadvantages, but once again: Do you really want to take that risk?

Discover How Exposed Affiliate Links Can Hurt Your Marketing Efforts

Despite the fact that affiliate marketing is a truly great way to make money online, many are starting to find that it seems as though the well has started to ‘dry up’ so to speak. To be entirely honest, the truth is that this isn’t due to the fact that less people are buying online. Online sales are still rising, and seem set to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

Instead, the problem is that most internet-goers have started to ‘wise up’ to affiliate marketing, and many actually tend to either avoid buying affiliate products, or opt to buy them without giving credit to the affiliate who is promoting them! Either way, this is damaging for your marketing efforts as it actually means that you’ll be earning less and not cashing in on the bulk of your marketing efforts.

All things said and done, it boils down to a question of exposed affiliate links. Anyone and everyone who has shopped online and chanced upon affiliate products before will instantly recognize affiliate links when they see them. In many ways, these links tend to stand out, and look something like: or, and so on. Basically, they’re easily distinguishable from the more ‘standard’ types of links out there, and so they can be spotted from a mile away.

Because these links are so easy to spot, the minute someone sees them they’re bound to recognize the fact that it is an affiliate link. Many potential customers, upon recognizing an affiliate link, may actually be ‘scared off’! Due to the fact that there are quite a lot of inferior and second class affiliate products out there, affiliate links have managed to develop a bad reputation of sorts – and this will invariably end up leading to the links themselves being avoided.

Of course, not everyone avoids affiliate links. Some people may choose to instead insert their own affiliate id into the link itself and thus earn a commission by selling to themselves. Doing this is highly inappropriate, but it effectively means that if you’re paying $30 for a product and earning a $15 commission, you’re actually only really paying $15! Now do you see why so many people actually end up doing this?

In both of the cases that we mentioned, the culprit would definitely have to be the exposed affiliate links. When affiliate links are exposed, they are bound to be subject to abuse and suspicion – that’s the reality of affiliate marketing nowadays. Due to that, it makes sense to invest a little bit in some of the methods of ‘link cloaking’, so that you never, ever, end up having this problem again.

To do so may end up costing you, but you’re still going to make up that cost and more by actually managing to prevent your affiliate links from being exposed!

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