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You Need a Solo To Enhance Your List Building Efforts 

Clicks Required.


best advertising campaigns

best advertising campaigns

best advertising campaigns

best advertising campaigns

best advertising campaigns

3rd November 2016

Rae M Andrews

Thanks for the solo! You sent out on time and you over delivered by 38
and I received 35 opt ins. I will be glad to work with you again soon.


17th October 2016

Trevor McHaffie

Well I have to hand it to you.... your solo ad delivered as promised.
I ordered a 100 click solo ad for $34 and received 113 clicks.
This turned into 40 subscribers.I also generated some sales off the backend.
2 sales came within 26 clicks! I would recommend
Rick's service to anyone wanting to use solo ads to build their list.


10th September 2016

M. Fernandez

This was a SOLO and a half. LITERALLY!!.....
Ordered a 50 clicker from the RickStar and ended up getting 76 clicks.
What I tell ya? A SOLO and A HALF!!! Plus I got a good amount of subscribers.
This guy may be from down under but he comes out ON TOP!
M. Fernandez(Skype)

6th September 2016

Suzette Marais

Here is my honest review of Rick's Solo Ads.....
I bought a 100 click solo ad for $34 which works out $0.34 per click. I ended up
with a lot of converted clicks from 130 unique clicks, which is a fantastic over-delivery.
This really gave my subs list the boost that it needed!
Great Service, Rick and you will see me again - that is for sure!

  18 August 2016

best advertising campaigns

best advertising campaigns

Clicks Required.

PLEASE only free offers at this time.

Remember, please

don't forget to leave me your Name and

Email and URL to send clicks too below for my records.

If CAPTURE Area isn't filled I may not even know you ordered...

After go to Paypal area to pay and when you confirm payment

all the data will be recorded at the sametime.

OK So Get Your Orders In!

100 clicks (+/- 18hrs)

200 clicks (+/- 26hrs)

300 clicks (+/- 26hrs)

400 clicks (+/- 30hrs)

500 clicks (+/- 48hrs)

1k+ clicks (60hrs +)

Thank You in Advance...

For larger orders over 5k please PM me for availability and time

Contact info: Email Me Here

Skype: cangaro

To your success!

Rick Ling

Rick Ling

  DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad.
It is up to you to have a high converting offer.
You should know how well your squeeze page converts.
However, I can guarantee that your offer will be sent to my high quality & responsive
list and you'll get the UNIQUE clicks that you paid for. Strictly NO REFUNDS once solo has started..

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