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“I was sick of all the rubbish, plugins, scripts, and services floating around out there and was thinking that there must be an easy way to create and maintain large amounts of automatic blogs, turned out I was right……” Brett Sullivan

But after seeing a few similar products of lesser quality, with NO security features, I knew I needed to release FAB publicly. These other programs were directed at making many spam like blogs filled with lots of post like an archive site. Realizing that these other products would make automated blog content look bad, we decided to sell our software for $350.

It was a huge success and still is to this day. After 3 years of great success we have lowered the price to only $99 so that anyone can make money with their blog.


This version is even more powerful then the original because of many years of user driven feedback, which has allowed F.A.B. to grow into the program it is today. Simply the best desktop auto blogging software on the market… Creating an EASY to use full proof content and traffic builder for any marketer!

I have decided that helping others make money using FAB is all I want to do. My focus now is to sell the program and help others make a steady income online from anywhere in the world. You see just the first 1,000 copies sold of FAB makes us $150,000 and monthly members sales giving us plenty of reason to keep updating FAB keeping it the best program of its kind. Rest assure I will keep my laptop close no matter where in the world I happen to be, ready to make updates if needed.

If you would like to make a solid income with very little effort, then F.A.B. is for you. It is a very easy way for someone to make just a few thousand US dollars a month. In fact many of our members make that in a week from alone. Please read our “What can I do with FAB”? Pdf Here Or see our most F.A.Q.? Here

Let’s get to the cost = $99 for the software with an option to use our mass word press installer and blog management service for $9.95 a month. For the price of a Starbucks everyday you can use all our services! Combo Package Discount

You can use public blogs or install your own wordpress on your domain then use FAB to manage those blogs to drive traffic.

You can use our “Corporate Package Service” and let FAB Mass install word press on UNLIMITED domains and Manage them ALL! Learn More Here

Easily create individual advertising post, or import bulk advertising from file. Even import from XML url’s! Many sponsors offer content rich affiliate feeds and you can choose posting interval to mix with other xml content!

With FreeAutoBlogger you can really set and forget any number of autoblogs and rest assured that this proven masterpiece of coding will do…